KANDAIMAE, What is it?

It’s a name of the nearest railway station, HANKYU line,

meaning just fronting to KANSAI UNIVERSITY,

one of the biggest university in Osaka, also in Japan.

Yes, my B&B is located in quiet Kansai University area and is very close to that railway/subway station

just 1 minute walk from the property as well to the gates of the university.

From the station to the university main entrance, my neighboring quarter,

there are a lot of casual eateries mainly for students in wide range.

For example one-price BBQ meat restaurants including anything you like with drinks.

Other eateries are a lot of RAMEN bars, GYOZA restaurant

(This is a powerful supporter for students in energetic appetite.) and more and more.

Family restaurant, Italian pizzeria and Indian restaurants also await you.

Almost all of them are purse-friendly eateries.

If you forget to bring something personal,That’s no problem.

Flat price miscellaneous shop caters for your temporary needs.

Convenience store is in 1 minute walk just beside the station.

I may recommend you to get in the University campus

and take a stroll for a while.

A lot of greens surely refresh you.

From the main gate going lefthand you can easily find the unique circular building,

This is KANSAI UNIVERSITY MUSEUM, admission free, who houses approximately

15,000 objects of archaeological, historical, ethnological, and

art-craft contexts, as well as some natural-historical materials.

Of course various kinds of shops, co-op, eateries are available in the campus.

関大前のB&B AH87 OSAKA です。

by tsuka7077 | 2017-07-04 13:15 | LOCATION